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Equal Opportunity Policy



Trelish is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to providing equal opportunities throughout employment including in the recruitment, training and development of employees (including promotion, transfers, assignments and beliefs). We prohibit discrimination in the workplace whether on grounds of gender, marital or domestic partnership status, pregnancy, carer’s responsibilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, national or ethnic origins, religious belief, disability or age. Our objective is to attract job applications and applications for development from the best possible candidates and to retain the best people.

Trelish is committed to creating an inclusive work environment. The workplace at Trelish will contain facilities and amenities for persons with disabilities to enable them to effectively discharge their duties in the establishment.


Trelish Code of Conduct:

  1. We provide equal opportunities to all our employees and to all eligible applicants for employment in our company. We do not unfairly discriminate on any ground, including race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin, disability or any other category protected by applicable law.


  1. When recruiting, developing and promoting our employees, our decisions will be based solely on performance, merit, competence and potential.


Hiring Practices and Policies:

In Trelish, all positions are open for persons with disabilities. All job applicants would be measured against the key selection criteria taking into account provisions for reasonable adjustment. The key selection criteria would include only the specific skills, knowledge and abilities regarded as essential for performing the functions of the job.

Applicants invited for an interview should inform if they require any individual support or assistance prior to the interview. Trelish would make all arrangements reasonably feasible to accommodate these requests.


3. We shall have fair, transparent and clear employee policies which promote diversity and equality, in accordance with applicable law and other provisions of this Code. These policies shall provide for clear terms of employment, training, development and performance management.



Dignity and respect


Our leaders shall be responsible for creating a conducive work environment built on tolerance, understanding, mutual cooperation and respect for individual privacy. Everyone in our work environment must be treated with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, whether sexual, physical, verbal or psychological.


We have clear and fair disciplinary procedures, which necessarily include an employee’s right to be heard. We respect our employees’ right to privacy. We have no concern with their conduct outside our work environment, unless such conduct impairs their work performance, creates conflicts of interest or adversely affects our reputation or business interests.”



Trelish is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and creating an inclusive work environment. We endeavor to

A. provide equal and fair opportunities for employment to all qualified applicants;

B. maintain a work environment free from harassment based on age, colour, physical ability, marital status, parental status, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity;

C. make employment relationship decisions solely on the basis of individual ability and qualifications, subject only to occupational requirements, seniority and other appropriate non-discriminatory criteria;

D. adhere to applicable law pertaining to equal employment opportunities and fair employment practices; and

E. inform staff of certain behaviour that is unacceptable, and measures that the Company may take for deviant behaviour towards employees.



We shall not discriminate directly or indirectly against any employee or job applicant on any grounds including on the grounds of age, color, physical ability, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, gender, family status, marital status, pre-natal status, gender re-assignment, or sexual orientation


We will make reasonable accommodation*, whenever necessary, for qualified employees or job applicants who have disabilities.


*Reasonable accommodation means necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments, without imposing a disproportionate or undue burden in a particular case, to ensure to persons with disabilities the enjoyment or exercise of rights equally with others.

Bullying and Intimidation

We promote a harmonious working environment in which our employees will be treated with dignity and respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to strengthening diversity and inclusion at the workplace through an enabling environment, supportive work life policies for employees and a culture that welcomes differences and creates a sense of belonging. We strive to create a work environment where all employees can develop and grow to achieve their full potential.  We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to maintaining respect and dignity for all.


Grievance Redressal & Harassment Prevention

Trelish will view very seriously any acts of discriminatory conduct committed by an employee ( which includes harassment, vilification and victimization). It constitutes a disciplinary offence in respect of which you may, in appropriate circumstances, be dismissed. Certain discriminatory conduct is also unlawful. If the issue is not resolved you can report to the Liaison Officer or your immediate supervisor.


Appointing a Liaison Officer:

As per the Act Trelish has appointed Aditi Surange, Head, Human Resources as the Liaison Officer who will be responsible for taking initiative and providing the requisite support needed to realize the goals of an inclusive and accessible workplace and reasonable accommodation.


Liason Officer Details:

Name: Aditi Surange

Role: HR Head, Trelish Foods And Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Contact: 9823632349



The Liaison Officer is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring a disable friendly workplace;
  2. Ensuring that all employees are aware of this policy and know their duties and rights in relation to the policy; and
  3. Developing proactive strategies to prevent discrimination and harassment. 

Creating Awareness:

The Equal Opportunity policy is put up on company’s website.


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