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Our Story

Raise your hand if you have been told that GREAT coffee needs time, patience and a PHD in coffee making!
Well, we have none of these, but we still love to enjoy fresh brewed coffee. And that’s how we created our signature LIQUID COFFEE BREWS so that anyone can enjoy a cup of fresh coffee without the effort of brewing!

So what’s the big deal about liquid coffee?
It is the ORIGINAL form of consumable coffee. Even instant coffee powder is created by drying / dehydrating liquid coffee. So why not enjoy coffee in its true form, especially when it’s so super convenient

All our coffees have been developed by us personally. Also, every Trelish coffee is carefully made in our own manufacturing facility because we want to ensure that every cup is truly GREAT

At Trelish, we take our coffee seriously, so that you don’t have to.

-Kavita,Siju and Aditi

Here is how we brew Trelish for you

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