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Arabic Cardamom - Liquid Coffee Brew

The Arabic Cardamom belongs to our Global Series of coffees. True to the traditional Arabic Qahwa style, every brew delivers a bold cup of coffee with taste notes of cardamom and clove.

Made from the choicest blend of coffee beans sourced from Chikmagalur and cardamom. Our Arabic Cardamom Liquid Brew contains 0% preservatives.

What's Included?

Trelish Arabic Cardamom Liquid Brew Coffee comes in -

1. Combo of 2 boxes - includes 14 single-serve sachets (20 ml each) - makes 14 cups of coffee.

2. Combo of 4 boxes - includes 28 single-serve sachets (20 ml each) - makes 28 cups of coffee.

The coffee is easy to make and requires no special equipment.

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1. Consistent amazing taste for 10 months since manufacturing.

2. Travel-friendly - take & make your coffee anywhere

3. Contains no sugar or preservatives

1. Shake the Arabic Cardamom Liquid Brew sachet well before use.

2. Empty the sachet in a cup.

3. Add sugar for taste (optional).

4. Add hot milk and serve.

The Arabic Brew Story

The Qahwa Arabia dates as far back as the 15th century. Coffee was the companion of Sufi practitioners, consumed to stay awake for the late-night prayers.

With the changing times, Qahwa Arabia has evolved as well. Often served in tiny handleless cups called Finjal, it carries ground cardamom for a heady delicious brew.

Inspired from the traditional Qahwa Arabia, Trelish’s Arabic Cardamom coffee is as delightful to have with friends and family, as it is in one’s own company.

Global Series - The World in a Coffee Cup

The Global Series is inspired by coffee flavours from all over the
All recipes and ingredients used are true to the traditional way they
are made at their origin. This makes every sachet of the Global
Series liquid brews a ticket to travel across the world. Every sip is a
journey to far-off lands.

Easy to Brew,Needs No Equipment

Forget ground coffee… Even Instant coffee requires stirring and
whipping to ensure a lump-less experience. We’ve changed
that with our Liquid Brew coffees, delivering a uniform and
evenly tasting coffee…
Every. Single. Time.


Easy to Use

Brews in less than 2 minutes. No equipment required.


Fits in your pocket. Take and make your coffee anywhere.


Rich in caffeine, free from sugar and preservatives.

Coffee Simplified

No-frills & hassle-free. Get the same taste everytime.

PAN-India Shipping

Freshly prepared liquid brews, shipped for free across India.
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