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Classic Cold Coffee - Pack of 7 Bottles

The Classic Cold Coffee brings to life the joy of having great cold coffee anytime and anywhere, minus the frills.

Prepared using our in-house liquid brews, every bottle of Classic Cold Coffee offers a wholesome and well-rounded flavour of coffee. It’s a delight to have any day and will refresh you.

One Pack of Classic Cold Coffee contains 7 bottles of 200 ml each. It’s ready to drink and is best served chilled.

Made from the choicest blend of coffee beans sourced from Chikmagalur. 

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1. Consistent amazing taste for 6 months since manufacturing.

2. Travel-friendly - take & make your coffee anywhere

3. Contains no sugar or preservatives

1. Shake the bottle of Classic Cold Coffee well before use.

2. Open the bottle.

3. Enjoy

Cold Coffee Series - Enjoy a Cold One, Anytime and Anywhere

Cold Coffee is one of the most popular and preferred coffee drinks on the planet. And yet, one doesn’t find great cold coffee anytime and anywhere.

At Trelish, we’ve made an honest attempt at solving that with our Cold Coffee Series. Made from our in-house liquid brews, every bottle of cold coffee offers the same smooth and consistent flavour.

It’s portable, it’s easy to carry, and it’s simply great cold coffee.


Easy to Use

No brewing required. Just open the bottle and enjoy.


Fits in your pocket. Take and make your coffee anywhere.


Rich in caffeine, free from sugar and preservatives.

Coffee Simplified

No-frills & hassle-free. Get the same taste everytime.

PAN-India Shipping

Freshly prepared liquid brews, shipped for free across India.
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