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Trelish - How it all began

Trelish - How it all began

 The roots of Trelish have a very personal connection to my life. Belonging to a south-Indian family, I have always seen coffee be a very crucial part of our daily routine. My family always took a lot of joy and pride in brewing the coffee from scratch at home.

I remember as a little girl, on vacations to my village, watching my grandfather roast the beans, grind them, create his secret blend and then brew his super strong decoction, thinking it was all such magic!

And my mom continued this tradition. Waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee wafting throughout the house was an everyday tradition at home

I met Aditi when I was around 5 years old. We were neighbours and have been friends for over 35 years now. Growing up, we shared both stories & dreams over my mom’s filter coffee not realising that one day, the coffee itself would become our dream

On multiple such coffee sessions with our friends, we received a common comment “I cant make such coffee at home! Can I please take your brew and make coffee for myself whenever I want to”?

This got us thinking. We realised that good fresh brewed coffee took time, patience, the right know-how and not everyone could afford to give so much time to brew coffee. But that doesn’t mean good coffee should be out of reach!

One thing led to another and soon Trelish  was born. Created from a common love of coffee and a desire to make good coffee easy for every coffee lover out there

At Trelish, we take coffee seriously so that you don’t have to

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