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Trelish - Whats in a name??

Trelish - Whats in a name??

One of the most commonly asked questions to us is “What’s the meaning of Trelish and how did you guys come up with this name”?

Considering this has become an FAQ, we wanted to share the back story here

Trelish was created as a combination of Travel and Relish. But what if you are at home or at work or working at home?

Well Travel for us is not just displacement but the journey. (Please excuse the technical language…its an engineer’s habit 😊)

We believe everyday is a journey, right from our morning me-time to our evening we-time, we as people go through so many paths, pit-stops and destinations throughout our day and our life


And its this travel that we as Trelish wish to be part of. Whether we act as fuel to help kick start your day, or as a break to wind down, Trelish aims to add both simplicity & goodness to your journey

We hope you will continue to be a part of the Trelish journey just as we hope to be part of yours! 




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