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About Us

They say what’s in the name. Evidently, a lot. We’ve been called many things. Trelish. Triangle wali coffee. Sachet wali coffee.

No matter the name, our aim's clear - making it simple. That's our story and how we prefer our coffee.

By the way, that's us... Kavita & Aditi, childhood friends & co-founders of Trelish.

Through the last 30+ years, we've enjoyed countless cups of South Indian Filter Coffee brewed by Kavita's mother. It was made the same way every time, with love and patience.

In 2019, we thought to ourselves...

"Wouldn't it be great if people could have the same amazing filter coffee easily no matter where they were?"

That's how Trelish was born. To make great things such as coffee easy and available everywhere. :)

Today, we ship all over India, are available at stores in 15+ cities...

And, we've already simplified cafe-style coffees and global flavours and put them into the palm of your hand. :)

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