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Beach Read - Weekend Recommendation #2

Emily Henry is a gifted writer and her books usually are easy and fun to read with interesting plots and relatable characters. Beach Read is one of her most popular books for a reason(s).

Here is why you should pick it up this weekend:

  • Complex Characters: January and Gus are both flawed but relatable characters. They’re on their own emotional journeys and it is heartwarming to see how they grow individually and with each other.

  • Not-your-typical Love Story: We all love to read a good love story where the characters are real and more than just lovers. It’s rare to find such a book, but you’re in luck because Beach Read IS that book

  • Beautifully Written: Emily Henry's writing is beautiful and poetic, with vivid descriptions of thoughtful reflections on life and love. Moreover, because the main characters in this book are authors, we also get to read excerpts from their ongoing manuscripts.
Whether or not you’re going to the beach this weekend, we highly recommend reading Beach Read!

Make yourself a hot cup of coffee and spend your days at the beach house as January and Gus fall in love through squabbling, writing, talking, and understanding each other!
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