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The Anthropocene Reviewed - Weekend Recommendation No.3

This non-fiction book is essentially a collection of essays about different facets of human life and this age that we’ve shaped through our discoveries, our woes, our hopes, and our quirky ways of living.

Why should you read The Anthropocene Reviewed?

  • Something For Everyone: The book has essays on everything. From history to science to philosophy to pop culture to the QWERTY keyboard to sunsets to human suffering and much more.

  • It’s Like Having A Conversation With A Friend: You know those enriching and wholesome conversations you have with your closest people? Reading this book is something like that. You learn and you connect with the beautiful words penned by the wise John Green.

  • 5 Star Ratings: 5 star ratings are the way of our world now where fast, absolute information is more useful than a nuanced input which would take more time and cognitive effort to interpret. That is not the case for this book because each topic has a chapter dedicated to it before the coveted stars are bestowed.

We highly recommend reading this book with a 5 star cup of Trelish coffee!

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